Animal communication

Ilkas work with horses is based on animal communication. It is a telepathic way of communication and it´s the language from soul to soul that native people all over the world use to get in contact with every living beeing.

How does it work?

The basement is sending and receiving thoughts, images and emotions with animals by an mentally way. At this kind of communication I do not read body language or make guesses based on their behavior. I just become quite, set my focus on them and talk to them in a quite way. To find out what they need and want to tell me or their owner or rider.

Ilkas work

Ilka likes to be in touch with the animals and being around horses for example in their stable, in the paddock or at their fields. She looks them in the eyes becourse the eyes are the gates of their soul for her. She ask them questions what their humans want to know about them and then they answer her so she can translate it to the people around.

Try to imagine

Animals are masters at telepathy communication. They talk to each other and they talk to us humans if we dare to listen. If we become quite, stop talking and listen to them, we can learn to see the world through their eyes and understand their behavior and needs better.

Get answers like

Why is my animal aggressive?

Why is it scared?

Are we able to change problems?

How can we change it?

What helps the horses in it´s training?

What helps also at championships?

What else is possible?

Ilka translates for the people but also for the horses.For example she translate what their animals humans expect about them. And works close together with vets, horse-dentists and chiropractors.